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Fans of the Animorphs

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The Animorphs LJ Fan Community

Who are we?
We are fans of Animorphs, a children's sci-fi series about a group of kids who can morph into any animal they can touch and must use these abilities to fight the Yeerks - parasitic aliens that are secretly invading earth and plan to make all of humanity into their slaves. Originally published in 1996 - 2001 and written by K.A. Applegate & Michael Grant (under K.A. Applegate's name), the series is being republished in 2011.

If you love Animorphs, or want to find out more about the series - great! This is the place for you. Feel free to introduce yourself, join in our frequent discussions, post fan fic or art, or just chat about anything Animorphs related!

And, as Animorphs is a series that has formerly been published in its entirety, with a fandom that has for the most part read all of the books, new readers should be aware that [community profile] animorphs WILL contain spoilers for the entire series.
On the Web:
Official Website
Archive of Our Own
Hirac Delest

On LiveJournal:
[community profile] anicomp
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On Dreamwidth:
[community profile] animorphs


Discussion Topics

[community profile] mentahelada
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Community guidelines:
  • Respect the other members of the community
  • Lively discussions and intelligent arguments are encouraged, as long as they are related to Animorphs and don't get too aggressive
  • Always use an lj-cut to hide posts which are long, contain images, or potentially offensive material. For any explicit or adult material, please also lock the post and include clear warnings
  • If your post includes major spoilers, please hide them behind an lj-cut as well, and mark the post as having spoilers before the cut (for comments containing major spoilers, just mark it as spoilery in the subject)
  • As a courtesy, include a rating for all fan fiction, and put any fan fiction longer than 200 words under an LJ-cut.
  • Please use good spelling and punctuation (But, be respectful of people who have problems with spelling)
Have a question about the rules or the community? PM Frenchroast!
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