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Move to DW
animorphs mod hat
frenchroast wrote in animorphs
Hi, it's your friendly Animorphs mod. I know there is currently a bit of an exodus over to Dreamwidth/other journals happening. This community will remain here (and I will continue to maintain it), but I wanted to let everyone know that I will be archiving everything from here over on DW at, just in case. I've already started the process, but with so many people moving, it could be a day or more before this community is finished being archived. So if anyone is leaving LJ and moving over to DW, feel free to join us over there.

There is already an Animorphs community on DW, but its most recent entry is from 2014, so we're slightly more alive. (Yay?)
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Will it be possible to post only over there? I'm really uncomfortable about posting stuff on LJ anymore D:

Yes! I'm doing the archival so those who are leaving will still have a way to access to what they've contributed here without signing into LJ (I am moving my personal journal as well). I won't be mirroring the DW on LJ or vice versa after this import finishes, but I will check in here on LJ for modding as needed.

what's the DW comm name this comm is moving to? Need to be able to know what comm to track, heh :Bb

The name is in the post above:

ffff, reading comprehension is clearly not operating today. many thanks!

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