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Morphing and Pregnancy II
Yana Bilman wrote in animorphs
First things first, I realize that this place is not as active anymore.

To the topic:
I've seen this subject get tackled here before, but I have a different question...

What if you get pregnant while morphed? As in, reproduce while in animal form.
Would the pregnancy cancel out once you morph back, or would it somehow stay through the morphing?

Any headcanons?

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Oooh, this is interesting.

If morphed, any embryo is going to have DNA of that animal entirely. I'm thinking the pregnancy would cancel out when the animal DNA is shed to return to the human form. If somehow the pregnancy didn't cancel out, I think the embryo would remain as that animal and the human body would reject it (unless there are animals that are compatible in a human uterus?).

Hmm, now I'm thinking more about this. If the embryo is part animorph, part animal (let's not think about why that could happen...), and the animorph morphs back into human DNA, then part of the embryo's DNA would become human, so if the animal DNA somehow didn't disappear, the embryo would be half human, half animal, and wouldn't survive (unless there's some random DNA-compatible species out there).

If the embryo is part one animorph, part another animorph, both in animal form, then the embryo could morph back into human DNA from both parents...but if animorph 1 got pregnant and morphed back, would DNA from animorph 2 not disappear, destroying the embryo?

Twist: if the animal form is a different sex from the animorph, and the animal has a uterus but the animorph doesn't, where would the embryo go (assuming any of the scenarios in which the embryo would survive the morph)?

It's been a while since I read the books, but didn't Ax say at some point that the "extra" bits of the humans go out into some part of space when they morph? Is that what happens to the animal DNA too?

Was there ever mention in the books how Andalites handle pregnancy and morphing?

GAH so I produced more questions than answers in that braindump. I think I'd conclude that mixing pregnancy and morphing just isn't a good idea. :-)

I think a lot of it depends on whether the morphing technology sees the embryo as part of or separate from the mother. And even that could go a bunch of different ways--if it's part of the mother, it might just get caught up in the jumble of changes that come with the morph, which I could see making it survive or not survive. It could be a complete toss-up, or it could be "well of course it comes back like it was."

If you wanted to argue for it being separate from the mother and still surviving, I would think of the pregnancy as being like the clothes they learn how to morph, maybe. Like, you'd have to be aware and focused on including it in the morph, and I imagine its mass would get extruded into Z-space, but maaaaybe it would work? Especially if you morphed animals with a smaller mass than your own and avoided morphing larger animals, since we know the tissues and stuff would mostly stay intact in Z-space? Of course, there's also all the gut bacteria/etc. that must survive back and forth between morphs without them having to think about it, so maybe it would be like that?

I'd imagine it's one of those things you wouldn't really want to test if you wanted to keep said embryo. Though the more I think about it, the more I think it would be survivable--though the embryo would almost certainly not have in-born morphing powers (if that was the case, Andalites wouldn't have to bother with the blue box at this point).

The real interesting conjecture is, assuming the embryo does survive, what happens if the mother gets trapped in morph while pregnant?

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Honestly, I don't think it would be an issue at all unless/until morphing technology improves significantly in terms of amount of time that can be spent in morph. First of all, they'd have to have morphed a female mammal (you originally said pregnancy, so that's what I'm assuming) that was at the correct point it its hormonal cycle. There would also have to be a mature egg that had been released and was in the fallopian tubes, awaiting fertilization. Then, the sperm would actually have to reach and fertilize the egg within the time period of the morph, which, while possible, is not the most common scenario.

Being pregnant as a human (or whatever) and then morphing though...probably depends a lot on how exactly morphing works in terms of what actually happens to your mass/tissues/stuff. My inclination would be that while a pregnant person could theoretically morph a non-pregnant animal and then demorph as their pregnant selves, it's not recommended. Maybe morphing can lead to DNA damage over time, and most people don't morph enough for it to be an issue.

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