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Series Re-Read #18: The Decision
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frenchroast wrote in animorphs
We were at the mall. At the place where the excellent food places are. I was in human morph. Behaving perfectly like a human. "Exactly, Rachel. Eggs-ACT-lee. Zactly. We arrived back at the precise moment when we were snatched away. We were all yanked away at the same moment, so naturally we all arrived back at the same moment. Yanked. Yanked is a strange word. Yank. Yank-kut."

"Yeah," Marco said. "
That's what's strange: the word 'yanked.' Us turning into mosquitoes to suck some guy's blood so we could morph into him and instead ending up in the middle of some war to control psychic yellow frogs, and oh, by the way, blowing up a small continent full of Yeerks, saving an entire species, then getting back here to find out Coma-man woke up from a mosquito bite delivered by a morphed alien-slash-deer-slash-scorpion-slash-four-eyed centaur, that's all totally normal. That's just an average day. Dear Diary: another boring average day, till someone said 'yanked.'"

First, I want to apologize for getting behind with the series re-reads. I normally do these during my down-time at work, and I haven't had any down-time, and I got behind in my reading on top of that, but it shouldn't be a problem in the future.

Second, am I the only one who forgot a ton of what happened in this book? Marco summarizes it pretty well in the above quote. I think my favorite thing about this book is the Animorphs getting a chance to interact with Andalites that aren't Ax or Elfangor, and what that means for how they approach the war with the Yeerks after this--they start to realize that if the Andalites come, it's A) going to be awhile and B) they might not be the kind of saviors they've been expecting. I think the tone of the books after this shifts much darker. Also, the Leerans have always been my favorite "outside alien" species--at one point, I started writing a Leeran Chronicles fanfic (which, given how old I was when I started writing it, has thankfully never been read by anyone but me).

What are your thoughts? What do you think about Leera, and the Leerans? What did you take away from the Animorphs' interaction with the Andalites? Also, what do you think happened with Aldershot--did the Yeerks eventually get to him or not? Did you like this book or hate it? And, most importantly, when's the last time you had a Cinnabon?

Next time: MM#2 In the Time of Dinosaurs--Sario Rips! Broccoli! T-REX MORPHS!

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I've only read this one once, and don't have it available for reread, but I remember liking it quite a bit when I did read it. That said, dealing with what happens to their mass when they become smaller (and never dealing with this again when, say, they become fleas...) but not when they become bigger was jarring. I was going "la-la-la conservation of mass what conservation of mass" until then.

But I did enjoy the plot. I should probably reread this one at some point.

I always handwaved the conservation of mass issue when morphing something larger with the assumption they absorbed some mass that was already hanging out in Z-space. And that maybe the two hour limit is the point at which the transfer of mass to/from Z-space becomes untenable (and is why when, say, they were in wolf morph, they were able to fight it, but only just barely). But also that ultimately, the Andalites don't fully understand how/why morphing works, just that it does, and maybe they pretend they understand it better than they do.

I like the idea the Andalites are BSing about how much they get it.

Oh man, when I was a kid, this was my favorite book! I don't know if I could have articulated why back then (besides perhaps, "all the Ax feels!!"), but in hindsight, it is a major turning point for the series. As frenchroast pointed out, it is the beginning of a darker and more nuanced part of the series. After this, we get the beginning of the Yeerk Peace Movement, the David trilogy, the revelation (to Tobias) that Elfangor is his father, and all of the revelations in #26 The Attack in pretty rapid succession.

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