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List of Spoilers
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blue_rampion wrote in animorphs
This post contains spoilers for the entire series! Please read at your own discretion.

For a lot of older fans, it can be a bit tricky to try and think of things that happen in a series that been out-of-print for years as "spoilers". At animorphs however, "significant character revelations and plots" need to be marked as spoilers. So to help people figure out what counts, members can suggest here what should be spoilered, and it will go into the List of Spoilers.
(Alternatively, feel free to argue that something shouldn't be spoilered)

Once the book that these spoilers appear in is published, they will no longer be spoilers and will not need to be marked.

Please not that this list is not exhaustive: it is merely intended to be used as a guide for members.

(Please excuse the mess here - I'm in the middle of re-organising this)

  • #2
    • Chapman became a controller to protect Melissa

  • #3
    • Tobias accepts his hawk body (borderline)

  • #4
    • Ax joins the anis (to be discussed)

  • #5
    • Visser One's host is Marco's mother

  • #6
    • Jake gets infested
    • The Eye thing is Crayak

  • #7
    • The existence of the Ellimist
    • The anis destroy the Kandrona

  • #8
    • Ax is made to take to fall for Elfangor giving the kids morphing powers by the Andalites
    • The Andalites were the ones who let the Yeerks escape their planet

  • #10
    • The Chee

  • #12
    • Rachel is allergic to crocodile morph

  • #13
    • Tobias gains the power to morph again
    • Two Hork-Bajir are freed and begin a colony
    • The Hork-Bajir are really gentle bark eaters

  • #15
    • Eva survives
    • The Leerans (borderline)

  • #16
    • Visser 3 has an equally evil and crazy twin

  • #17
    • Oat-freaking-mean (borderline)

  • #18
    • The Andalites show up in person

  • #19
    • Aftran, A Yeerk, discovers Cassie can morph
    • Cassie lets Aftran infest her
    • Aftran decides to release her host

  • #20
    • The Blue Box is found again
    • David joins the Animorphs

  • #21
    • David betrays the Animorphs

  • #22
    • Tobias isn't really dead
    • David is trapped into rat morph

  • #23
    • Aria is Visser 3
    • Tobias finds out Elfangor is his father

  • #24
    • The Helmacrons (borderline)

  • #26
    • The Ellimist is playing a game with the being called Crayak
    • Jake and Cassie kiss
    • The Iskoort are symbiotic Yeerks
    • The Howlers are children

  • #27
    • The Pemalite Ship
    • The Drode

  • #29
    • The Space Flu
    • Aftran returns
    • Cassie rescues Aftran on her own
    • Cassie morphs Yeerk
    • Cassie performs brain surgery on Ax
    • The Yeerk Peace Movement

  • #30
    • Marco attempts to kill Visser One
    • Eva survives

  • #31
    • Marco's plan to stop Tom

  • #32
    • The Starfish Incident

  • #33
    • Taylor tortures Tobias

  • #34
    • Aldrea returns
    • the Animorphs head to the Hork-Bajir homeworld

  • #35
    • Stress causes Marco to mix morphs
    • Eva isn't dead. Again.
    • Peter remarries

  • #37
    • Rachel becomes leader temporarily
    • Rachel sucks at being a leader

  • #38
    • The Andalites show up in person
    • Estrid

  • #40
    • Gafinilan & Mertil

  • #43
    • Taylor returns
    • Tobias morphs Ax

  • #45
    • Marco rescues his parents and fakes his own death
    • Visser Three is promoted to Visser One

  • #46
    • Ax disobeys Jake and threatens the Yeerk pool with a nuke

  • #47
    • The Yeerks discover the Hork-Bajir Valley

  • #48
    • Crayak tries to lure Rachel to his side
    • David returns
    • Rachel (possibly) kills David

  • #49
    • Loren is alive, but blind and amnesiac
    • Loren is given morphing powers
    • The Animorphs identities are revealed to the Yeerks & their families
    • Jake's parents get infested

  • #50
    • The Auxiliary Animorphs
    • Cassie lets Tom take the Morphing Cube

  • #51
    • The Animorphs approach the Governor who publicly announces that the Yeerks are invading
    • Marco and Tobias drive a tank over Chapman's house

  • #52
    • The Invasion goes open
    • The Animorphs blow up the Yeerk pool

  • #53
    • Arbron returns and the alliance with the Taxxons
    • Jake proposes to Cassie

  • #54
    • ...everything
    • Rachel dies
    • Tom dies

  • The Andalite Chronicles
    • Chapman's appearance
    • Elfangor is Tobias's father
    • Alloran is Visser Three's host

  • The Hork-Bajir Chronicles
    • Aldrea and Dak
    • Toby is a seer
    • Alloran tried to commit mass-genocide on the Hork-Bajir

  • The Ellimist Chronicles
    • The Ellimist lived among Andalites
    • The Ellimist's trippy backstory

  • Visser
    • everything

  • Megamorphs #2
    • Tobias the Animorphs killed the dinosaurs

  • Megamorphs #3
    • The Time Matrix is hijacked
    • The Animorphs prevent the existence of Visser Four's host
    • Rachel and Tobias kiss
    • Jake dies, but comes back

  • Megamorphs #4
    • Cassie is a space-time anomaly
    • Marco and lots of other people die, but come back
    • Why & how the Ellimist chose each of the Animorphs

  • Multi-book arcs
    • Everyone is insane by the end (particularly Rachel and Jake)
    • The Andalites aren't actually very nice & don't care much about Earth

Edit: If you have any questions about the spoiler policy, please ask them here, and leave this post just for suggesting things that could count as spoilers.

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Lots of us have them- most are not in a format that credit which person as saying what/are not in context. These are okay?

Most quotes don't count as "significant character revelations and plots" - those ones would be fine to use in any post, except perhaps the !spoiler free zone posts. In those ones, it would probably be safer to just not use those particular icons unless you're not sure of which book they came from.

However, if the icon says something like "My Name is Jake Berenson", and spoils a major character revelation or'd have to keep them to just the !spoiler zone posts. Make sense?

(Also, would you be able to keep the questions in this post? That way people won't have to look over two posts to see what questions people have asked, and leave this one just for suggesting spoilers)

Oh, I remember when I didn't know these things. It's like I'm reliving my childhood all over again!

All the Animorphs who survived infestation...that would have blown my mind back when I thought infestation was game over.

Do you mean characters? Since the only Animorphs who were actually infested were Jake and Cassie, and Cassie's is an odd case...

Since "The Invasion" hasn't even been released yet, perhaps "Tobias becomes trapped as a hawk" should be a spoiler?

Well, since it's highly unlikely that anyone would be coming to the comm without having at least read book #1, I'm not really going to count the events of the first book as spoilers.

Can we take "The introduction of Ax" off the list when the 4th book has been re-released? It seems silly we can't even talk about his existence without it counting as a spoiler when he's a MAIN CHARACTER (and a BADASS).

Oh, all of these will stop being spoilers once the books they're revealed in are re-released.

And Ax is one of the main reasons that "Book 5 and beyond" was an option in the poll, but people didn't vote for that. Though I might hold another poll sometime to see if people would like the first four books not counting as spoilers, even before they're republished, because you are right - it is odd to have him be a spoiler.

I can't read the list because I'm only on book 13 (although I already got most of it spoiled. My own fault, though, not only for being here but for highliting spoilers on TV Tropes or using wikipedia to look for quotes ¬¬), but would it be too much to consider a spoiler everything (other than the main premise) that happens in any new book until a couple of weeks after it's published? You know, Harry Potter style?

Because if those spoilers are in chronologial order (I only read the first one so I don't know) Tobias morphing again is from book 14 or so IIRC. But the appearance of Ax is a big revelation when it happens, and also is stuff like Visser 1 being Marco's mum, or even Tom being a controller.

Maybe it's bit too extreme, but it might be useful for the first few weeks. Then we can consider only big plot points as spoilers.

The spoilers aren't in chronological order, I'm afraid (and they do spoil things from the entire series, hence that warning at the top).

The problem is spoilering everything is that unlike Harry Potter, this is a ten year old series. One that also happens to have over 60 books - that's a lot to spoiler. And, we did have a poll on this issue, where the community decided to spoiler only significant plot and character revelations.

And, this is the reason why we will be introducing the !spoiler zone and !spoiler free zone tags. If you want to avoid all spoilers all together, you can add the !spoiler free zone tag to all your entries and choose to only respond to other entries marked with that tag.

- Visser Three getting promoted to Visser One.
- Alloran being Esplin's host.
- Destroying the Kandrona.
- Arbron
- Sario rips
- The kisses (at least the first ones... Jake Cassie in #26 and Rachel/Tobias in MM3)
- Oat-freaking-meal
- Animorphs killed the dinosaurs
- Everything to do with Aldrea and Dak
- The Iskoort
- The "Howlers are children" plot twist
- Drode
- Non-permanent character deaths (eg. in MM3 and MM4)
- Mean Rachel/Nice Rachel
- Tobias morphs Ax
- Peter remarries
- Pretty much everything in Visser
- Estrid, Gafinilan, and Mertil
- Loren is alive
- Jake's parents are infested
- The Animorphs "come out" to their families

*thinking really hard*
*eventually decides to check Wikipedia*

-Chapman became a controller to protect Melissa (#2)
-Chapman's appearance in Andalite Chronicles?
-Elfangor is Tobias' father (AC) and Tobias finds out Elfangor is his father (#23) should be separate, since they occur in different books
-Tobias' acceptance of his hawk body (#3)?
-Cassie is a space-time anomaly (MM4)
-Everyone pretty much goes insane by the end? (Rachel's and Jake's arcs in particular)
-the effects on morphing of being allergic to your morph (#12) or being really really distracted and issue-laden (#35)
-The Andalites make Ax take the fall for giving the morphing power to humans (#8)
-The Andalites show up again in person (#18, #38, end arc)
-The Andalites are actually not so nice and don't care much about Earth/humans as much as they're desperate to stop the Yeerks
-The Andalites are responsible for the Yeerks escaping their own planet (#8)
-Eva survives #15
-Visser 3 has an equally evil and crazy twin (#16)
-The Leerans? (#15, 18)
-Aria is Visser 3 (#23)
-The Helmacrons (#24)
-The Pemalite ship (#27)
-The space-flu, Aftran's return, Cassie rescues Aftran on her own and then performs brain surgery on an alien (#29)
-Marco plans to kill Eva/Visser 1 (#30)
-Eva survives #30
-Marco's plan in #31
-Aldrea returns, the Animorphs head to the Hork-Bajir homeworld (#34)
-Rachel becomes temporary leader and screws up due to lousy writing (#37)
-Marco rescues his parents and fakes his own death (#45)
-Ax disobeys Jake and threatens the Yeerk pool with a nuke (#46)
-The Hork-Bajir valley is discovered (#47)
-Crayak hardcore messes with Rachel and David returns (#48)
-Rachel might have killed David (#48)
-Loren survived but is blind and amnesiac (#49)
-Cassie lets the Morphing Cube go (#50)
-The Animorphs get the governor on their side (#51)
-The Animorphs destroy the Yeerk Pool and the Yeerk Invasion goes open (#52)
-Arbron returns and the alliance with the Taxxons (#53)
-Jake proposes to Cassie (#53)

-The Time Matrix is hijacked; the Animorphs fix it by preventing the existence of Visser 4's host (MM3)

Not sure whether to consider the really bad books, but if we are:
-The Area 51 expy is guarding an Andalite toilet (#14)
-The Animorphs discover Atlantis (#31)
-The buffa-human and ant-Cassie (#39)
-Someone takes a picture of the Animorphs leading to The Incredible Journey and Marco gets rabies (#42)
-Cassie goes to Australia and performs an amputation as a Hork-Bajir (#44)

OH WOW that is an impressive list! (and with books too! ...maybe I'll reorganise this list to go by each book, just to make it easier...)

And bad books count too, although you could argue that some of the things listed there aren't "significant" and therefore are kinda borderline in terms of whether they'd need spoilering.

If we're spoilering all alien races until they're introduced, shouldn't the Nartec and Skrit Na be on that list?

Hmm, they're more minor though, so they're in a bit of a gray area. Neither of those races really affect the plot.

Possibly we should take off a few things though. I might take out a few things when I edit in acts_of_tekla's suggestions

"Everyone is insane [or dead] by the end (particularly Rachel and Jake)"

The single plot point of every Animorphs fic I've ever written! ;)

Other spoilers...
-Hork Bajir eat tree bark and are gentle, if a bit slow (13).
-Alloran tried to commit mass genocide on the Hork Bajir homeworld. (HB Chronicles)
-The Animorphs go the Hork Bajir homeworld (book 39, I think?).
-The Ellimist lived among the Andalites (Ellimist Chronicles).
-Pretty much the rest of his trippy backstory (Ellimist Chronicles).
-Why the specific Animorphs were chosen and that they were chosen (MM4).
-The big red eye in number 6 is the Crayak

Edited at 2011-02-12 01:56 am (UTC)

Regarding the ordering of the books in the spoiler list -- do we know yet if the Megamorphs and Chronicles books are going to be rereleased, and if so, if they will be released in the same order? I guess it's too early to tell.

Well, to be honest I just put them all at the end because it was easier for me while I was organising everything. But you do have a point about the fact that we don't know when they'll be released - it might be easier to keep them at the end for now anyway, until we know what's happening.

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