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90's References Infographic
cass, default
kiriska wrote in animorphs
Okay! So it seems like infographics are all the rage! And as I mentioned in that topic, I would really, really love to see some kind of graph charting all of the wonderful 90's references present throughout Animorphs.

I think it'd be a nice community project if we split up all the books between members and had everyone hunt for a list of references, plus anything that might be unique to one book they think is awesome or hilarious. Then we can use all the data to make one awesome pop culture ref chart. :D What do you say?

Book Assignments
#1: fishwithfeet
#2: tsunobrat
#3: teesh_ee
#4: jaemani
#5: caitieness
#6: 1111_am
#7: natural_blue_26
#8: what_is_why
#9: what_is_why
#10: jaemani
#11: silverchaos
#12: tsunobrat
#13: almighty_patsy
#14: odette_river
#15: lisacharly
#16: keyyag
#17: keyyag
#18: 1111_am
#19: rayerai
#20: faux_folklore
#21: faux_folklore
#22: sleepall_day
#24: almighty_patsy
#25: kryptocow
#26: urania_calliope
#27: kryptocow
#28: almighty_patsy
#29: kryptocow
#30: lisacharly
#31: miskadoodle
#32: natural_blue_26
#34: rattyjol
#35: tsunobrat
#36: teesh_ee
#37: natural_blue_26
#38: almighty_patsy
#39: rattyjol
#40: caitieness
#41: fishwithfeet
#42: fishwithfeet
#43: totallystellar
#44: taira602
#45: miskadoodle
#47: teesh_ee
#48: natural_blue_26
#49: rena_librarian
#50: rattyjol
#51: rena_librarian
#52: rena_librarian
#53: fishwithfeet
#54: fishwithfeet
Megamorphs #1: elektra30
Megamorphs #2: keyyag
Megamorphs #3: rattyjol
Megamorphs #4: rattyjol
Andalite Chronicles: rattyjol
Visser: tsunobrat

Leaving out the other chronicles since they're about aaaaaliens not on Earth and not cracking jokes. :O

90's References to Find
- Television
---- Xena: Warrior Princess
---- X-Files
- Technology that is now outdated like whoa
--- 56k modems
--- AOL screennames? 8D
- Product Placement?? XD
--- McDonald's
--- Denny's
--- etc
- 90's Music
---- Spice Girls
---- Hanson
- Celebrities
---- Arnold Schwarzenegger
- Aged, Yet Timeless
--- Star Trek
--- DC/Marvel Superheroes
--- Pokemon

Other Reoccuring Lulz
- Your minutes/seconds/miles/inches/etc
- Ax eating up a scene
--- List of non-edible objects Ax has put in his mouth*
- "Don't call me 'Prince.'"
- "Let's do it!"
--- Note times someone other than Rachel says it!
- "Are you/we/they insane?"
- Marco driving
--- List things destroyed while driving*
- Times Ax asserts Andalite technological superiority
- Things Ax did not pay attention to in school*
- Description of thermals more than three sentences long
- Tobias is snobby and judgmental towards other birds

* These would make AWESOME pie charts, amirite??

Only final tallies are required, but if you find an especially awesome example of a reference or reoccuring gag, feel free to make note of it and email them to me at kiriska (uses) gmail.com with a subject line of "ANINFOGRAPHIC: Book ##". If you find an example of a 90's reference that ISN'T on the list, but is still awesome, take note of that, and email it to me too. :)


Deadline: 26th February, 2011.

Okay let me pick some..... Can I do 2,12, and 35?

Oh so exciting!

Aaaaah, I wish I could do some searching too, but since I'm about to go and move into student accommodation I don't really have the time...buuuuuut perhaps I can suggest a few references to look out for?

- Star Trek
- your / everyone's minutes
- Ax eating food
- Jake's dad jokes
- 'don't call me Prince'
- Marco driving
- things destroyed by Marco driving

Aaaand as suggested in the other post by various people:
- variations of 'are you insane?'
- thermals

Haha, added a few of those. XD Wasn't sure that Jake's dad's jokes were that pervasive? And thermals we got a description of pretty much every book where they flew... which was every book. XD So.

in regards to technology that is now outdated like whoa, AOL SCREENNAMES. I remember being so flustered when Jake's screenname was too long to be a proper aol sn.


I'll snag book 5 for now because it's one of my favorites.

also, this community makes me miss my old domain your-minutes.net :(

Drats and tarnation, I was just coming in to claim that one! I'll take 15 and 30 instead. XD

Oh dude, this is such a neat idea! Can I do 8 & 9?

(Deleted comment)
Added some! Left out JTT since it was an ~covert~ reference and really only for one book. :3 But yeah, I'm sure I'll remember more as I actually go through them, lol.

(Deleted comment)
I'll take.... 1, 41, 42, 53 and 54

Such a cool idea! XD Can I do 25, 27, and 29 (apparently, I have something against even numbers)?

-Times Ax asserts Andalite technological superiority over Yeerks/Humans
-Things Ax didn't pay attention to in class

Can I do #20? I think David actually uses AOL to time his email to be sent to the eBay buyer, which turns out to be Visser 3?

LOL, yeah! I think he did. XD *adding now*

Ooh, could I do #4 and 10 for now? I may nab more later once I have time X3

Lol, well I can say straight out that the most memorable (maybe only?) NIN reference was in the book where they go to the zoo (I think #14?) and Cassie reveals that she told her mother NIN stood for "Nice is Neat" and she was worried about her mother sharing that with the class, lol.

And how is Star Trek a 90s reference? :s

Anyway, neat idea, lol, I'll volunteer for #6 and #19 please? Two of my faves...

I think that might be the only NIN reference too, but I suppose we'll see? XD Lumping all the music people together anyway, I think. Also, corrected Star Trek. :)

And added!

(Deleted comment)
Awww, I really wish my books hadn't vanished my freshmen year of college- so many Rachel books left!

How about number of times people mention Rachel and shopping in one sentence? ;)

I have PDFs I could send you if you'd like? :3 Send me a message about it~.

But I am thinking that Rachel/shopping would happen about once per book in the first chapter when the narrator mentions everyone, lol. XD Maybe a bit more often in the first dozen books and ramping off in the last dozen. XD

What about how many times the Animorphs use their favorite Battle morphs?

I think that trend may be one of the more predictable ones? At least once a book, I'd wager. :O