Animorphs Gift Exchange! (Sign-ups start now!)
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Welcome to the Animorphs Gift Exchange!

Do you write fanfic or create fanart? Do you like Animorphs? Then this is the exchange for you!

Everyone will give one gift, be it fanfic or fanart, that fits with one of three prompt words chosen by the recipient. Everyone will receive one gift, be it fanfic or fanart that fits with one of 3 prompt words they choose. Pairings and other details may be suggested, but givers are not required to adhere to requests beyond the prompts. The only guarantee participants get is that their gift will focus on one of their chosen prompts, though every effort will be made to ensure that everyone will be pleased with their gift (the more info you give in your sign-up as to your preferences both for giving and getting, the better we'll be able to match you).


1) All work created for this exchange must be new, Animorphs-centric, and created with your recipient in mind, using one of the 3 prompt words chosen by your recipient. You may use 2 or all of the prompt words if you wish, but are only required to use one of them.
2) None of the work created may be posted anywhere until your posting day. Please do not reveal who your recipient is until then! Gifts should be posted to this community (links to AO3, LJ, or Tumblr also okay, but you must post your link with title/rating/recipient). A template will be posted in October to make this easier for anyone new to the exchange.
3) If you sign up for the exchange and DO NOT complete your assignment, you CANNOT participate next time around. If you find you will be unable to complete your assignment, PM frenchroast immediately so an alternate giver can be found.
4) Again, givers are only required to create a gift that fits with one of the prompts requested by the recipient; givers are not bound by other requests by the receiver. It is up to the giver to decide whether to gift fanfic or fanart.
5) Other-fandom-specific Alternate Universes and/or Crossovers are allowed IF requested by the recipient, but not otherwise.
6)FanFic: 1000 words minimum (may be divided into more than one story/multiple drabbles, but must be complete)
   FanArt: 20 icons minimum, OR 1 detailed drawing/sketch/wallpaper/gif set


Everyone should choose 3 words as prompts for your giver. At least 2 should come from the list below.

Parasite         Blade                  Illusion              Reunion           Ocean              Battle               Silly                Mother          Nightmare

Insane           Hope                  Cage                 Six                     Prince              Home               Diversion       Gift                Change

Predator        Revenge            Sky                   Secret               Escape             Tiny                 Sister             Trust             Chronicles

Bun                Rip                     Capture            Red                  Broccoli             Curse              Race              Wild              Dream

Tentative Schedule:
August 11, 2015 - Sign-Ups Close
August 18, 2015 - Assignments will be sent out through Private Messages
End of September - Check in
Approximately October 15, 2015 - A sign-up list for posting dates will go up.
November 1, 2015 - Posting starts! Posting will be spread out over a week or so depending on the number of entrants.

Please complete the sign-up information below and post it as a comment to this entry! Comments will be screened.

I Can Create --Answer all that apply and be as detailed as possible; if you can only write fic or create art, that is okay; leave the other blank!

Fic: Highest rating you’re comfortable writing? Characters/pairings/tropes you love to write/don’t write? Alternate Universes/Crossovers you’d love to create? Books you haven’t read? Angst/humor/fluff/smut? Etc?
Art: Access to images? Which mediums (icons, sketch, paint, etc.)? Species you prefer/refuse to illustrate? Quotes or textless icons? Favorite scenes? Etc?

For the gift I receive I would love/hate to see --Please give a response for both categories—remember, your giver chooses whether you get fic or art!

Fic: Highest rating you can handle? Other characters/pairings/tropes? Squicks? A particular chronological point or relationship in the series you’d love to read more about? AUs/Crossovers you'd like? Prefer angst/humor/fluff/smut? Etc?
Art: Specific scenes/moments from the series? Colours? Personalization, quotes, or lyrics? Quotes or textless icons preferred? Pairings you like/hate? Etc?

Your 3 Prompt Words:

Would you be willing to create an extra gift if someone fails to complete their assigned gift? Yes/No/Maybe

Any questions, feel free to ask or send me a PM! Have fun!

Opinionated Animorphs Book Guide - #46 The Deception
Visser Two is here, and he's after the most nonchalant Navy fleet you've ever seen.

You can watch it in two parts below the cut.

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Opinionated Animorphs Book Guide - #45 The Revelation
Marco punches a window and dooms the Animorphs. The final arc begins!

You can watch it in one piece on Blip:

or you can watch it in two pieces below the cut!

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Animorphs books where Visser 3 inst the main antagonist ??
I've been reading animorphs books and Im getting really tired of reading of Visser 3 and his convoluted plans for catching the animorphs. I'm currently in book nine, but my favorite books so far have been number 5 and 6. I want to read more about the Yeerk Empire and Visser One and other interesting villains. If this book series continues to funnel out Visser 3's over the top james bond villian type of schemes Im not sure If I can endure.

Opinionated Animorphs Book Guide - #44 The Unexpected
Hey, it's the Australia book. Well, I mean, it's the book about a small acre of Australia that takes more than half the book to get to. But there's a boomerang and a kangaroo and stuff.

You can watch it in one part on Blip:

or you can watch it in two parts below the cut.

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Opinionated Animorphs Book Guide - #43 The Test
Taylor is back, and now Tobias must face his torturer by becoming his torturer. Literally. Tobias wears a bra in this book.

You can watch it in one piece on Blip:

OR you can watch it in two pieces below the cut:

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John Oliver makes Red-Tailed Hawks the Official Raptor of Last Week Tonight
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Definitely worth watching...


Long Live
strut, georgette
Forgot to post this painting I did recently! :3

Once upon a time someome in this very community did a line-by-line analysis of Taylor Swift's "Long Live" as relevant to Rachel and Tobias and that's the true story of how I accidentally got into Taylor Swift. XD

If you're on Tumblr, you can reblog the art from here. I also posted process photos of the painting if you're interested in that kind of stuff!

Opinionated Animorphs Book Guide - #42 The Journey
Rachel shrinks herself and crawls around Marco's body. When I said I shipped these two, I didn't mean to get THAT extreme...

You can watch it in one piece on Blip:

or in two pieces below the cut!

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Rachel and Mud
Okay, let me start by saying this is an old piece of fan art that I need to redraw at some point. I still think the concept is hysterical, though. It started with remembering Cassie's comments in her narration about how even if mud was thrown at Rachel it wouldn't stick.

If I redraw it, it will probably be Marco launching the mud wad in response to hearing Cassie make such a comment about Rachel's inability to get dirty, lol.

Marco Ships...
Honestly...does anyone else feel Marco got jipped on the pairing end of things? Poor guy was the best character, in my humble opinion, and just got the brush off from the ladies! He was adorable and funny! Shouldn't have gotten the haircut though, long hair Marco ftw.

Seriously, though, he got like a two book romance with one of the auxiliaries. So I started thinking of pairings...and here's some I like!

One sided MarcoxRachel: He is always flirting and bantering with her, and seems a bit jealous of Tobias. If he's seriously crushing on Rachel, it also explains the lack of serious pursuit of other romantic possibilities.

MarcoxMelissa: Sure, she's a minor character...but I think it would be cute for some reason, lol.

MarcoxOC: Only if the OC is well crafted. My OC, Caitlin Torelli, was strongly influenced by her uncle's being in the military, and thus a stickler for rules and proper behavior. A perfect challenge and match for Marco, in my opinion! Plus, she's got a connection to book 14, which is one of my favorites because of potty humor. Come on, Andalite porta potty!

What about you guys? Any pairings you like? I personally don't like slash for this series, but I'm sure some of you might post it in response...I'll cringe, but won't judge, or will try not to, lol. What would Marco's ideal girl be like if you were designing an OC for him?

Help! My Memory Memory is Murky!
Remember the time Rachel was in bear morph and one of her arms got sliced off, so she picked it up and used it as a bludgeon?

No, seriously, do you remember? I know it happened, but I ~cannot~ remember ~when~ it happened, and Google is being distinctly unhelpful, so I figured the next step would be to ask you lot.

How did you get into Animorphs?
For me, I was looking for something similar to Teknoman - an old anime series that I watched on UPN, before I even knew that there was such a thing as anime, in fact - and I picked up the first two books at a Toys 'R' Us. I liked them, so I kept on with the series until the end.

Still not quite sure how I feel about the ending, though.

Opinionated Animorphs Book Guide - #41 The Familiar
Jake wakes up ten years older and in a Yeerk-conquered New York. Now he has to face the his greatest challenge yet: office politics. DUN DUN DUN!

You can watch it in one piece here:

or you can watch it in two pieces below the cut.

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The Midas Touch
Since someone here posted a while ago that K.A. Applegate had ghostwritten a few of the Sweet Valley Twins books, I decided to see if I could find out which ones. I couldn't, but I did find out that before she wrote YA fiction, she wrote Harlequin romance novels under the name Katherine Kendall. So I bought them both on ebay.


The back cover starts out, "Whales were dying mysteriously". SOLD! Whales are magic. Save the whales.

Also, that horrible mustachioed hero's name is Jake.

Would anyone be interested in a review? This book has some similarities to Animorphs, to the point that it almost reads as Rachel/Marco AU fic. Or Cassie/Marco. Or Cassie/Tobias.

The other book, First and Forever, hasn't arrived yet and I have no idea what it's about. Here's hoping it's another practice Animorphs book!

Opinionated Animorphs Book Guide - Megamorphs #4 Back to Before
Jake wishes he never got his morphing powers, so the heavens send an angel to show him what a world like that would be like. Jake then learns the true meaning of Christmas.

You can watch it in one piece here:

or you can watch it in two pieces below the cut.

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What do you think Ax's favorite Thanksgiving food would be?

Potatoes. Toes. Tay-toes.
Pumpkin pie. Aye. Aye. Kin.
Pecancancan pie
Turducken. Turd-UCK ken.
Rollss. Ols.
The entire gravy boat
Something you're going to write in the comments.

Based on the info given in #54, where we find out that humanity may be given a blue box in exchange for Krispy Kreme franchise, do you think it's at all possible Andalites could run a Krispie Kreme and turn a profit?


If we held another Animorphs Gift Exchange this year, would you be interested in participating?

Depends; I'll explain in the comments

Animorphs books available FREE
St Thecla
Edit: I'm moving at the beginning of next year, so the deadline for requesting books is 21 December.

I have a whole bunch of Animorphs books that I snagged at a library book sale a few years ago. I will soon be moving across country and need to reduce my shipping weight, but thought some people on the community would be interested in completing analog collections.

They are all paperbacks in decent shape – slightly worn sides and spines, but none are falling apart. If anyone lives in the DC area and is able to meet to pick them up, that’s fine; otherwise, I’m happy to mail them if you cover shipping.

The books available are numbers: 2 (torn cover), 3 (bend in cover), 4, 7 to 27 (26 has more worn spine than the others), and Hork-Bajir Chronicles (hardback, no paper cover).

Comment on this post or send me a message if you're interested.

List of claimed books:
4, 7-12, 14-17, 19, 23, 24, 26, 27, HBC

List of available books:
2, 3, 13, 18, 20-22 (David trilogy), 25

Opinionated Animorphs Book Guide - Alternamorphs #1 & #2
It's time I finally look at the two Animorphs Choose Your Own Adventure books. Problem was, I couldn't decide which way to review them. SO I CHOSE ALL THE WAYS

(be sure to have annotations on)

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ILLINT: a collection of aliens from animorphs

Hope this is okay to post here... :o

So for 24hr Comic Day this year…instead of a 24-page comic, I made a 40-page zine/sketch collection. U___U This idea, the Animorphs alien collection, is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, so I’m glad I finally got around to it!

Preorders for the printed book are HERE. A PDF download is available HERE.

5.25” x 8.25”, 40 pages, BW interior, color covers. Includes 18 alien species: Andalites, Arn, Garatron, Gedds, Graffen’s Children, Helmacrons, Hork-Bajir, Howlers, Iskoorts, Ketrans, Leerans, Mercora, Pemalites, Skrit Na, Taxxons, Vanarx, Venber, and Yeerks — basically all the named sentient species with enough description for me to work with. (The non-sentient exception is the Vanarx, which I thought was just too relevant to leave behind?)

There are a few preview images on Tumblr and I posted various WIPs on Twitter if you wanna go see more pics (and also my dumb commentary)!


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