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Animorphs icon image ideas?
brooklyn boy
1111_am wrote in animorphs
I'm not sure how active this community is anymore, but I thought I'd give this a shot. So, I've had this t-shirt design idea in my head for AGES now (I kid you not, it really has been years now) that I finally want to bring into production. I have pretty much all the quotes and little images for it all set, but I just have one thing left to bring it all together that I need to get figured out and I was wondering if you guys could help me with it. If there could be one image for the entire Animorphs series, what would it be to you? Like a simple icon (think how for Apple computers there's just that iconic apple, but I guess fandom-wise it could be like how Star Wars fans could see a silhouette of Darth Vader's mask or the Death Star and know it's for Star Wars or Harry Potter fans could see a snitch or a sorting hat or something). I kind of just want a silhouette shape that Animorphs fans when they see the quotes or something along with it their brains go "Ah, Animorphs :)" Right now I've been designing with the silhouette of a hawk, but I just wanted to see if anyone else had any ideas. Other things that kind of crossed my mind was a cube shape (for the morphing box), an Andalite silhouette, or that A in the Animorphs font. I think I like the hawk silhouette best though so far (perched or flying though?).

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I always found that the covers were the most iconic. Maybe the silhouettes of a morph to Andalite form? Definitely the Andalites are the most distinctive to me.

The "A" logo is iconic and unmistakable. I actually ran into someone who had it tattooed to their hand this weekend and had a grand old time FLIPPING OUT about it at them, haha.

I think the next best thing is probably an Andalite silhouette - in particular, a silhouette of the cover of Andalite Chronicles. The hawk is good, but it isn't definitively Animorphs - it could be a lot of other things. Same with the cube. But the Andalite and the "A" are unmistakable.

seconding what kiriska said for the exact same reasons -- the A is the animorphs icon; the only other thing exclusively and obviously animorphs would be an andalite silhouette. looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

The A or the morphing cube, imo.

I feel like the morphing cube, Andalites, or a red-tail hawk. Or even just the thought-speak arrows. You could put anything from the series between those thought-speak arrows and I would know that it's Animorphs.

I immediately thought of the morphing cube but if it's not gonna be blue it probably wouldn't have the same effect

You should have a blue shirt with the quote from Elfangor saying . Just a thought. An andalite is a good idea too.

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