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Animorphs live action movie
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kiriska wrote in animorphs
Universal is developing an Animorphs movie and is looking for a director, apparently.

I have so many mixed feelings, but mostly I'm keeping expectations extremely low... I feel like it'd be extremely difficult to get things right and extremely easy to mess things up, but maybe we'll get some nice special effects at least... I dunno! It's interesting that someone involved with the TV series is on board, but I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing, haha. XD

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fear, just fear. Unless it's a 200M budget they won't beable to get it to look right and even then they're going to mess up the stories by rushing them and cutting stuff and....fear

Both K.A. and Michael Grant have called this into question: Recent tweets from KA/Michael Grant

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Oh, man. That's interesting... I wouldn't be crushed if the news isn't true though.

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