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I'm not sure if anyone is interested in Imzy, which is trying to be a new social-networking site, kind of? There's a big fandom presence so far, I just signed up today to namesquat but it sounds like people are interested in starting an Animorphs community there, so I went ahead and set one up. . You need to register for the site to look around, but if you want an invite code, I have five.

Library Display
So after 2 years of repeatedly suggesting and sweet-talking our collection managers and directors, our library system FINALLY (!!!) has the first 7 Animorphs books! They're the "new" editions w/the trippy covers, but *shrug*. Anyways, this is my display sign for it:Collapse )
Let me know what you think!

Opinionated Animorphs Book Guide - #54 The Beginning
Well guys, it's been a hell of a ride.

You can watch the FINALE of the Opinionated Animorphs Book Guide in three (long) parts below the cut!

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Animorphs Fandom Demographic Survey
Hey Animorph fans, I'm looking for some rough, probably unscientific demographic information for the final episode of the Opinionated Animorphs Book Guide. If you could fill out the linked survey that'd be awesome. Also, share with any Ani-fans who might not come here? Thank you very much.

Opinionated Animorphs Book Guide - #53 The Answer
The beginning of the end.

You can watch it in two parts below the cut!

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Opinionated Animorphs Book Guide - #52 The Sacrifice
The Yeerks have declared open war and have begun herding people into the Yeerk Pool by the hundreds. The Animorphs are fighting and falling apart. Ax is given secret orders from his people. There's no joke in the description this time, this is some serious shit!

You can watch it in two parts below the cut!

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So...has anyone else ever thought...
Mac computers (Apple) + Gateway computers = Applegate

Well played Marco...I'm on to you! The Animorphs are real I tell you! Now I have some oatmeal to eat...

Animorphs icon image ideas?
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I'm not sure how active this community is anymore, but I thought I'd give this a shot. So, I've had this t-shirt design idea in my head for AGES now (I kid you not, it really has been years now) that I finally want to bring into production. I have pretty much all the quotes and little images for it all set, but I just have one thing left to bring it all together that I need to get figured out and I was wondering if you guys could help me with it. If there could be one image for the entire Animorphs series, what would it be to you? Like a simple icon (think how for Apple computers there's just that iconic apple, but I guess fandom-wise it could be like how Star Wars fans could see a silhouette of Darth Vader's mask or the Death Star and know it's for Star Wars or Harry Potter fans could see a snitch or a sorting hat or something). I kind of just want a silhouette shape that Animorphs fans when they see the quotes or something along with it their brains go "Ah, Animorphs :)" Right now I've been designing with the silhouette of a hawk, but I just wanted to see if anyone else had any ideas. Other things that kind of crossed my mind was a cube shape (for the morphing box), an Andalite silhouette, or that A in the Animorphs font. I think I like the hawk silhouette best though so far (perched or flying though?).

Opinionated Animorphs Book Guide - #51 The Absolute
It's time to tell the government about the Yeerk invasion, so Marco, Tobias and Ax go to meet the governor. The problem is, they don't know the governor's name. Or her chromosomes.

You can watch in in two parts below the cut!

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Opinionated Animorphs Book Guide - #50 The Ultimate
Jake is depressed, Tobias is happy, Marco is dumb and Cassie is thinking logically. What mirror dimension did we walk into?

You can watch it in two parts below the cut!

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Opinionated Animorphs Book Guide - #49 The Diversion
Time is up for the Animorphs, but before they can do anything, a figure from Tobias' past returns. Also: Ax the Juvenile Delinquent.

You can watch it in two parts below the cut:

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Opinionated Animorphs Book Guide - #48 The Return
David returns, and he's got an evil scheme ripped right off from Captain Planet!

You can watch it in two parts under the cut!

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Opinionated Animorphs Book Guide - #47 The Resistance
What happens when you cut an Animorphs book in half and put into a short story about the Civil War? Not much, actually.

You can watch the review in two pieces under the cut!

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Animorphs live action movie
cass, default
Universal is developing an Animorphs movie and is looking for a director, apparently.

I have so many mixed feelings, but mostly I'm keeping expectations extremely low... I feel like it'd be extremely difficult to get things right and extremely easy to mess things up, but maybe we'll get some nice special effects at least... I dunno! It's interesting that someone involved with the TV series is on board, but I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing, haha. XD

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Opinionated Animorphs Book Guide - The Ellimist Chronicles
Today we learn the origin of the Ellimist. What qualifies him to be an all-powerful deity? He plays a lot of video games!

You can watch in three parts below the cut!

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Series Re-Read: #22 The Solution
animorphs mod hat
Okay, I'm a terrible person (maybe not as terrible as David) because it's been a year since the last re-read, AND I left us hanging 2/3 of the way through a story arc. But let's move on now, shall we?

<Ax? Tell me something. When Jake sent you to get help, why did you come for me and not Marco or Cassie?>
<Prince Jake was specific. Get Rachel.>
<Did he say why?>
Ax hesitated a moment. Then he said, <Jake told me Tobias was probably dead. I said this was a terrible thing. And Prince Jake said, "Yes. If David's killed Tobias, we may have to do a terrible thing, too. Get Rachel.">

First off, this is one of my favorite books, if only for the number of emotional punches contained within. This is the first time the other Animorphs start to realize that Jake has become more than just the guy calling the shots--he's using them. Because he's a good leader, he's using them in ways that make sense, but subtly, possibly without even realizing it, and realizing what that means for each of them based on what Jake values them for is interesting. And of course, for Rachel, it's somewhat disturbing.

On top of that, we've got a guy who they tried to save, a guy who is only alive and free because they intervened, and he's trying to kill them. Not to mention, the whole leaders of the free world meet-up they've got to keep the Yeerks from taking advantage of. I love the way they handle stopping the Yeerks here, because it's actually the closest to fun they seem to have had in awhile. It's a bright spot of levity in what is an otherwise extremely dark book.

Then of course, there's the solution they come up with--or really, that Cassie comes up with--for handling David after he's made it clear they can't just leave him to his own devices. It's brilliant, but is it really the best solution? Should they have just killed him and been done with it? I always wonder just how Ax and Rachel really dealt with what they had to listen to at the end.

What did you like about this book? What did you not expect? How do you think you'd have reacted to everything if you had been David?

Next time: #23 The Pretender--the Ellimist continues to fuck with Tobias!

Animorphs Gift Exchange! (Sign-ups start now!)
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Welcome to the Animorphs Gift Exchange!

Do you write fanfic or create fanart? Do you like Animorphs? Then this is the exchange for you!

Everyone will give one gift, be it fanfic or fanart, that fits with one of three prompt words chosen by the recipient. Everyone will receive one gift, be it fanfic or fanart that fits with one of 3 prompt words they choose. Pairings and other details may be suggested, but givers are not required to adhere to requests beyond the prompts. The only guarantee participants get is that their gift will focus on one of their chosen prompts, though every effort will be made to ensure that everyone will be pleased with their gift (the more info you give in your sign-up as to your preferences both for giving and getting, the better we'll be able to match you).


1) All work created for this exchange must be new, Animorphs-centric, and created with your recipient in mind, using one of the 3 prompt words chosen by your recipient. You may use 2 or all of the prompt words if you wish, but are only required to use one of them.
2) None of the work created may be posted anywhere until your posting day. Please do not reveal who your recipient is until then! Gifts should be posted to this community (links to AO3, LJ, or Tumblr also okay, but you must post your link with title/rating/recipient). A template will be posted in October to make this easier for anyone new to the exchange.
3) If you sign up for the exchange and DO NOT complete your assignment, you CANNOT participate next time around. If you find you will be unable to complete your assignment, PM frenchroast immediately so an alternate giver can be found.
4) Again, givers are only required to create a gift that fits with one of the prompts requested by the recipient; givers are not bound by other requests by the receiver. It is up to the giver to decide whether to gift fanfic or fanart.
5) Other-fandom-specific Alternate Universes and/or Crossovers are allowed IF requested by the recipient, but not otherwise.
6)FanFic: 1000 words minimum (may be divided into more than one story/multiple drabbles, but must be complete)
   FanArt: 20 icons minimum, OR 1 detailed drawing/sketch/wallpaper/gif set


Everyone should choose 3 words as prompts for your giver. At least 2 should come from the list below.

Parasite         Blade                  Illusion              Reunion           Ocean              Battle               Silly                Mother          Nightmare

Insane           Hope                  Cage                 Six                     Prince              Home               Diversion       Gift                Change

Predator        Revenge            Sky                   Secret               Escape             Tiny                 Sister             Trust             Chronicles

Bun                Rip                     Capture            Red                  Broccoli             Curse              Race              Wild              Dream

Tentative Schedule:
August 11, 2015 - Sign-Ups Close
August 18, 2015 - Assignments will be sent out through Private Messages
End of September - Check in
Approximately October 15, 2015 - A sign-up list for posting dates will go up.
November 1, 2015 - Posting starts! Posting will be spread out over a week or so depending on the number of entrants.

Please complete the sign-up information below and post it as a comment to this entry! Comments will be screened.

I Can Create --Answer all that apply and be as detailed as possible; if you can only write fic or create art, that is okay; leave the other blank!

Fic: Highest rating you’re comfortable writing? Characters/pairings/tropes you love to write/don’t write? Alternate Universes/Crossovers you’d love to create? Books you haven’t read? Angst/humor/fluff/smut? Etc?
Art: Access to images? Which mediums (icons, sketch, paint, etc.)? Species you prefer/refuse to illustrate? Quotes or textless icons? Favorite scenes? Etc?

For the gift I receive I would love/hate to see --Please give a response for both categories—remember, your giver chooses whether you get fic or art!

Fic: Highest rating you can handle? Other characters/pairings/tropes? Squicks? A particular chronological point or relationship in the series you’d love to read more about? AUs/Crossovers you'd like? Prefer angst/humor/fluff/smut? Etc?
Art: Specific scenes/moments from the series? Colours? Personalization, quotes, or lyrics? Quotes or textless icons preferred? Pairings you like/hate? Etc?

Your 3 Prompt Words:

Would you be willing to create an extra gift if someone fails to complete their assigned gift? Yes/No/Maybe

Any questions, feel free to ask or send me a PM! Have fun!

Opinionated Animorphs Book Guide - #46 The Deception
Visser Two is here, and he's after the most nonchalant Navy fleet you've ever seen.

You can watch it in two parts below the cut.

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Opinionated Animorphs Book Guide - #45 The Revelation
Marco punches a window and dooms the Animorphs. The final arc begins!

You can watch it in one piece on Blip:

or you can watch it in two pieces below the cut!

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Animorphs books where Visser 3 inst the main antagonist ??
I've been reading animorphs books and Im getting really tired of reading of Visser 3 and his convoluted plans for catching the animorphs. I'm currently in book nine, but my favorite books so far have been number 5 and 6. I want to read more about the Yeerk Empire and Visser One and other interesting villains. If this book series continues to funnel out Visser 3's over the top james bond villian type of schemes Im not sure If I can endure.


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